Investments in innovations

Mamie Capital AG supports innovative startups that strive to create significant improvement of productivity, employ strong management and are capital efficient.

Investing in Innovations creating attractive returns for Entrepreneurs and Investors

We search for and select disruptive innovations in different Hightech Companies with outstanding management, scalable products or service strategies, and put it up for Investment of your choice. Mamie Capital AG's mission is to merge Investors with Startups in important Engineering and Financial Places like Boston and Zurich.

We focus our Investors on Risk (1x) & Reward (10x, 100x), looking for Investors with entrepreneurial fibre, who want to be part of this vibrant and privileged world full of passion and dedication and hard work in the Field of High Technology.

Let's do what all great Entrepreneurs did: Follow their Dreams, Ideas, Discoveries, Innovations, Marketstrategies and enjoy the Journey.

We offer Shareholder Ownership in extraordinary Startups who follow these proven guidelines. We base our recommendation on our Strategy, our Vision to the markets, our thorough analysis of the startups and their managements, industry analysis, our network and last but not least our high ethical Standard, apart from the companies' experience, steadfastness, pitching talent, group strength, marketing strategies, scalability, important leadership qualities, drive and dedication.

In our investments we look for unmet need, novel proprietary science and understanding of mechanism, management and capital efficiency.

We recommend ample Diversification in these direct Investments.

Investors and Startups! Let's do something powerful in this World that needs so much the avant-garde of Entrepreneurship and visionary Investors, a World full of Innovations and Productivity where highest returns on Investments are achieved.


A core skill of Mamie Capital AG is the ability to identify novel technologies that have the potential to generate high commercial returns at an early stage.

Therefore, MC looks for disruptive innovations in startup's with outstanding management, scalable product or service strategies with large market potentials.