About Mamie Capital AG

Mamie Capital AG is a new and fresh Player in the Venture Capital environment.

We believe in bridging markets like Boston and Zurich with Investments and technological creativity. We believe we are different than the rest of the VC's, as we base our Business philosophy in "European" balanced negotiation principles, giving our chosen startups the necessary freedom to achieve new heights in their achievement to move forward and gain marketshare, by incentivating them on a same partner and shareholder principle. We believe it's a privilege to be part of this leading innovative world full of energy and passion through new Generations and Management. Yet so it must be for them to have our financial support as incoming Shareholders.

Breguet Timepiece

Marcel Mamie, CEO & Founder of Mamie Capital AG, brings in 30 years of strategies in Investment and Pension Plan Field, taught by various of the largest Insurance Companies and Banks in Switzerland and USA. Mamie Capital AG builds on a large Network, interconnecting international Investors with American and Swiss Entrepreneurs.

Mamie Capital AG works with a leading Bank in Zurich, promoting Investments into novel technologies.

Mamie Capital AG through his CEO Marcel Mamie, has a Trackrecord of 2 years of engaging activities in the Venture Capital Field, proven Vision, negotiation skills, personal involvement in these Companies, and Leadership by Investing first in these chosen Managers and Technologies. By doing these Investments, we prove that we are committed 100%.