Investment Strategy

Mamie Capital AG wants to lead our Investors back to the core Investment strategy, touch and mold Innovations becoming a productive vehicle by taking entrepreneurial risks, yet taking full rewards of success too.

We believe that major returns can be produced by investing in companies that innovate products and services and raise the benchmark of productivity to new heights in the actual economic environment. We see enormous growth potential in Revenues, Profits and your Investment return.

Rodins The Thinker

We invest in innovations which are strategic to the high tech industry, offering support to those companies which have the potential to lead the next innovation wave and explore new business areas that will be critical. Our broad and deep experience will contribute to the success of our portfolio companies. We take an active role in supporting our companies by having board representation with shareholder ownership and actively working with the management teams.

Mamie Capital AG supports innovative companies that strive to create significant improvement of productivity, employ strong management, and are capital efficient.

In our investments we look for unmet need, novel proprietary science and understanding of mechanism.